We're thrilled that our sCorn (single malt corn) Whisky won a gold medal and "Best 100% Corn Whisky" in Canada at the Canadian Whisky Awards, as well as picking up a gold medal with "Distinction in Terroir" at the Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition this year.

We're overjoyed that our Straight Ontario Rye Whisky - Cask Strength won a gold medal and "Best New Whisky" in Canada at the Canadian Whisky Awards.

We're pleased as punch that our Double Barreled Blackstrap Rum won a gold medal and "Best in Class - Traditional Rum" at the Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition.

Maybe you're here sniffing around for bottles to add to your collection.


Last Straw Awards 2021 narrow banner.jpg

Here's the thing - our friends and fans beat you to it. Those bottles sold out months before the awards were announced. See, for us small batch isn't a marketing gimmick. It's how we make spirits. Our whiskies and rums are single cask releases, each showcasing its unique character. We're always trying different stuff, and working to find the best expression of each batch. They're all going to be different - that's our favourite part of having a distillery. There's only about 250-300 bottles per release. When they're gone, they're gone.

Don't think of it as missing out on this year's award winners. Think of it as an opportunity to be among the few who get to share this journey with us.

The only ways to get our aged spirits is to pick them up when they're released, or to have us custom-distill a cask for you.

Our Vaughan Vodka and Gin Twenty-One are always available in our online store.

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