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Hand Sanitizer Policies

Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer now available. Our hand sanitizer is made with beverage-grade ethanol, according to the recommended formulation from the World Health Organization.

Please direct all inquiries to

Prices listed below are for no-touch, curbside pickup at the distillery - 40 Pippin Road, Unit 9 in Vaughan, Ontario. Shipping can be arranged upon request.

Like a young Eddie Murphy, we got some rules when we show down and do our sanitizer. We’re taking a two-pronged approach to getting this stuff to where it needs to be.


Availability of specific sizes varies based on our ability to source bottles, but we can confirm availability when you inquire. As far as pricing:

  • 50 ml spritzer - $2.50 + HST

  • 100 ml spritzer - $4.00 + HST

  • 220 ml screw top bottles, or will refill your container up to 250 ml at the distillery - $5.00 + HST.

  • 250 ml spray cap -$7.00 + HST

  • 350 ml gel pump cap - $8.99 + HST

  • 1 litre screw top bottles for $10.00 + HST

  • 1 litre flip-top bottles for $14.00 + HST

  • 4 litre screw top jug for $40.00 + HST

  • 18 litre bucket for $180.00 + HST each for 1-3 bucket. Orders of 4+ buckets can be quoted.

Pricing for 200 litre drums and 1,000 litre totes available upon request.

Prices are FOB at our distillery. Differences in bottle pricing for similar sizes reflects the difference in how much the bottles cost us - spray tops are a lot more expensive than screw tops.

Our priority for purchases is filling institutional orders, and all other orders will be slotted in the order in which they are received.

Stay safe, and wash your hands.

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