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Crowdsourcing our sCorn Whisky Proofing

When we released Cask #1 Rye Whisky, we sent it out to whisky critics and writers at four different proofs to get their feedback on what proof we should bottle at. We heard from many of you afterwards that you were upset that you didn't get a chance to participate in the process. So, we've decided to proof our whisky much like we chose our gin recipe - by letting the drinking public decide!

Our sprouted corn whisky is made from 100% organic Ontario yellow dent corn, grown at Sheardown Family Farm in York County, Ontario, and malted by King Farm Mills in York, Ontario. It has been aging in a #3 char American Oak cask for over three years, and it's finally ready to see the light of day. As with everything we make, what comes out of the barrel goes into the bottle - with no added flavours or colours. Just good, honest whisky.

We'll be hosting two evenings of tastings on October 15 & 16, 2019 at the distillery. We have proofed some barrel pulls to four different abv percentages, and for the low low price of $10, you can taste all four and cast your vote on what proof we should bottle at! Tickets are available online, or you can contact us directly to book and save the service fees.

The taste & vote option will be available to visitors at the distillery until October 16 as well.

The bottle shop will be open for all of our products, and pre-orders of sCorn Whisky will be available for purchase.

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