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Dark Side of the Moonshine in LCBO!

We're very, very excited to announce that after over 10 months of work, we've managed to navigate our first LCBO listing through the system, and on to the shelves! We're having a very limited rollout of Dark Side of the Moonshine into a few LCBO stores in Toronto and Vaughan.

Dark Side of the Moonshine is a traditional southern moonshine - corn and sugar - that's been aged for one year in a once-used Tennessee Whiskey barrel. It drinks just like a young whisky - so enjoy it over ice, or in your favourite cocktail.

You can find us at the following LCBO locations:


- Dundas & Dovercourt.

- King & Spadina.

- The Beaches (on Thursday, June 29)


- Maple.

- Vaughan.

Bottles are on the shelves now, except for the Beaches, where they'll be stocked on Thursday, June 29. With your help, they'll sell out before the long weekend is over!

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