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We're still open, even if LCBO strikes.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, the LCBO's 7500 unionized employees voted 93% in favour of a strike. This will, in all likelihood, see all LCBO stores shut down until a new collective agreement can be reached. This has caused some alarm among spirits drinkers since, unlike beer and wine, spirits can only be purchased at LCBO stores.

The good news is that our bottle shop is an LCBO store, and since we run it ourselves (despite paying the 139% LCBO spirits markup on every bottle sold), we will be unaffected by the strike. We're currently open Tuesday - Saturday, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm at the distillery - 40 Pippin Road, Unit 9 in Vaughan, near Jane & Highway 7. In the event of a strike, we'll look at expanding our hours for the duration.

We can also ship orders to anywhere in Canada, and arrange delivery in downtown Toronto. Contact us at to get a quote for postage.

Right now in our shop, we've got a healthy stockpile of our hugely popular Gin Twenty-One, Blackstrap spirit, Vaughan Vodka, and Cask #1 Dark Side of the Moonshine. We've also got a limited quantity of Darker Side of the Moonshine still available, and a few bottles left of Cask #1 Blackstrap Rum!

Every distillery, brewery, and winery bottle shop in the Province is in the same boat as us. The prospect of a strike may be inconvenient, but it's also an awesome opportunity to support your local alcohol producers, and discover new and exciting products.

We are allowed to sell to individuals, and people with special occasion permits through the AGCO. The bad news is that licensees are still required to purchase their spirits through the LCBO. We're working on a solution through our agent, so if you're a licensee in Ontario, please contact Laura Rapuano, to see what we can do.

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