The world's first crowdsourced botanical gin. 


The story of this gin is also the story of how Last Straw's co-founder and President, Don Dimonte's youngest son, Brandon became our distiller.


While Don and Mike were hell-bent on making whiskies, and other barrel aged spirits, Brandon wanted us to make a gin. Since nobody else wanted to do it, we bought a 3 litre home-scale hobby still for him to tinker with, and pretty much forgot about it. Brandon toiled for months, first using the still to make enough base spirit with a simple sugar-shine, and then to find the right balance of citrus, juniper and aromatics. He created test recipes A-Z, then started into the numbers.


When he had a few batches he liked, we invited the public to vist the distillery, taste his 7 favourites, and vote on which one should be our production gin. We put on three nights of tasting and voting. Just after the guests had left from the first night of tasting, Brandon showed up with another batch - test batch #21. We tasted it, liked it, and added it to the roster for the next two nights' tastings.


The result was a landslide. This gin, his 21st numbered recipe, was the people's choice, despite only being voted on in 2 out of 3 nights. 


The notoriously difficult-to-please Rum Howler writes:


"This is a very dry gin yet I found sipping pleasant, especially as the Citrus elements (in particular grapefruit zest and hints of lemon) seemed to shine just a bit brighter on the palate than they did in the breezes. A light spiciness of coriander seems to build up just a little with each sip, and I cannot shake the impression that a little celery-like flavour (perhaps cilantro) is present as well."


It was a gold medal winner at the 2018 Canadian Artisianal Spirits Competition, and won a bronze medal at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


But perhaps the best review of all is from non-gin drinkers who tell us that Gin Twenty-One is the first gin they don't automatically want to spit out. Serious gin drinkers will drink it on the rocks, with a little sprig of rosemary.


Being 46%, the flavours are quite concentrated, so it stands up extremely well in a flavourful cocktail. If you've got some mixing skills, try the citrussy Gentleman Farmer.


For something a little simpler, but equally refreshing, perhaps we can interest you in a Gin-Ger Tea?


  • 46%

  • 750 ml


The Rum Howler

I love how the blackstrap flavour pushes through the rum, and I am extremely enthusiastic about Cask Two and beyond. I hope that the guys at the Last Straw Distillery continue to blaze their own path in the rum and spirits world.

DISTILLER.COM Darker Side of the Moonshine

"Caramel, butter cookie dough, icing sugar and orchard fruits such as apple, peach and pear blend into a nose that freshens up the room. The apples are colossal. The firm palate melts like butter with clean corn spirit and an outpouring of black pepper. This tight package transitions into a heart warming glow for a proper moonshine finish that warms the chest. Darker Side of the Moonshine is life affirming for the philosophical who question existence."


Last Straw Distillery is a brand new entrant to the ever growing list of distilleries here in Toronto. Along with Yonghurst and Toronto Distillery Co they are helping to bring craft distilling back to our great city. I’ll do a proper overview of the entire company soon enough but for now I am reviewing one of their first products: Gin 21. As you could probably guess, Gin 21 is the 21st iteration of the blend used to make the Gin. According to owner Don DiMonte, the final recipe was chosen by “the people”, average gin drinkers who were asked what they like. He calls it the first “crowd sourced” gin in Ontario. Cheesy marketing speak aside, lets see if the taste holds up! Appearance: Completely clear as expected. Quick moving tears. Aroma: Obvious smells of juniper joined by lemon peel and pepper. Taste: Light mouth feel with alcohol burn. Very citrussy with tangerine joining the lemon peel. Aftertaste: Long and slow burn. Overall: Very tasty, light and easy drinking. Loses a bit of complexity with the hardcore citrus flavours but I can see why most would enjoy that.


I really enjoy drinking this. This reviewed sample is only three months into the aging - though the released product will have another month of wood in it.

Rich toffee and oak, with walnut, roasted hazelnut, icing sugar, buttercream, nutmeg, and clove, with the confectionary quality on the nose growing even bigger with time. On the palate, quite confectionary yet with some good spice backing. Easy to drink and oaky with light smoke, rich toffee, caramel, banana, and some lighter apple notes. The finish is full of caramel, oak, toffee, and dried corn.

It doesn’t taste immature, even though it is so young – in part because the distillate is quite clean and combined with bracing oak influence. This has come along in just a few months...I think this is a bit too smooth to be called moonshine!

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