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You don't have to have a distillery to have a brand. We can help you design your spirit products from scratch, develop recipes and processes, and fulfill your orders from licensees and consumers. This allows you to focus on sales and marketing, and leaves the capital-intensive stuff to us.


Whether you want a "house brand" lineup of spirits for your bar or restaurant, the perfect gift for your best customers, a memorable touch for a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, or to have the most kickass home bar on the block, we can make it happen... at no additional cost.

Your brand and messaging on our LCBO-approved labels. 


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All the fun of having your own distillery, without the decade of heartache. You determine the mash bill, cask, age, and bottling proof. Check in each year to see how it's progressing.  You can even help to make the spirit. 

Available in full casks, or in 1/10 increments.


Working towards opening your own distillery, and want to learn the trade, develop products, test recipes and  build sales channels before you make the leap? Thinking of turning a home distilling hobby into something more?

We've got you covered with everything from two-day "learn to distill" workshops,  to by-the-day distillery rentals, to immersive business incubation and mentorship.


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